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John | 15 | Geek
I like pokemon, minecraft, technology, code lyoko, and stuff

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This was the result of the stream

fucking POSER! stop stealing my art you tranny fuck! this tranny fagbrain stole my art and is trying to say it was his! add me on skype at MherMeiser!

omfg look it’s the dude who claims everyone’s art for his own
I’m laughing too hard to even come up with a clever response like wow dude I had a bunch of people literally watch me draw this a couple of minutes ago and i have video proof you literally could not have picked a worse picture to claim as your own
And I’m not even going to touch on the slurs there, like wow dude
I know you’re a troll so you’re not even worth my breath so I’m just going to politely tell you to please go get a life and stop pulling this shit cause really it’s not funny
Have a nice day, sir or madam

*Raises hand* Saw her make this. This gentleman needs to fuck off.

Also saw her make this and I second this opinion

最近のとか、古いのとか by のあ@ついった
※ Permission to upload has been granted by the artist.
  • me: exit tumblr, close laptop, get into bed, unlock phone, check tumblr

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